Fellowship Application Best Practices & Methods of Survival

This week, Professor Ryan Cordell held a workshop on applying for fellowships in the humanities for grad students in the English department at Northeastern, and he asked me to offer some feedback based on my fellowship application experience. I was happy to do this, especially since humanities graduate students at Northeastern have to rely almost […]

“My Master” : Interracial Colonial Encounters in Women Writers Online

First published on the Women Writers Project Blog in February 2018 This publication set calls attention to the complexity of settler colonialism and imperialism in women’s writing between the early eighteenth and the mid nineteenth-centuries, particularly in regards to representations of interracial relations. One of the earliest texts in this set, Elizabeth Hanson’s God’s Mercy […]

Loanwords, Macrons, And Orientalism: Encoding An Eighteenth-Century Fictional Translation

First published on the Women Writers Project Blog in July 2016 Since late last fall, I’ve been encoding a text that poses some interesting markup challenges because of its use of Orientalist language: Scottish author Eliza Hamilton’s 1796 epistolary novel, Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah. While I was excited to encode Translation […]